Surviving the Streets While Eying Success
November 4, 2021
Anthony Saldana (144 articles)

Surviving the Streets While Eying Success

By Anthony “Stacks” Saldaña

Sacramento is America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital and the only star on the map of California. A beautiful agriculture town with a wonderful historical background. Once one of the safest cities in America, Sacramento now ranks #87 out of 100 most dangerous cities in the U.S., with a 53.8% higher crime rate than the national average. A crime ridden city with an out of control gang problem that recently took the life an innocent 9-year old girl caught in the cross-fire of a drive by shooting. A city in which it’s easier to become a statistic then it is to make it out of. 

However “Mudtown’s” Cain Sandoval is fighting those odds. The son of Mexican immigrants, Lupe and Jose who came to the United States to make a better life for their children, Cain was born with boxing in his blood “My Grandfather was a boxer, my dad was a boxer and even my Aunt was a boxer, so by the time I was five my dad had me in the ring” stated Sandoval in a recent interview with Supreme Boxing. “Growing up my parents wanted the best for me, and they sacrificed everything to give me the opportunity to escape the streets. My father works in warehouse and my mother, who takes care of my younger disabled sister would have tamale sales and scrape together whatever they could to take me to tournaments, get us a motel and keep me occupied with boxing so I wouldn’t end up in a gang.” Stated Sandoval who continued by saying “Boxing saved me from the gangs, the streets and prison, and knowing that I could easily be dead is what motivates me to keep pushing forward. I really want to make make everyone proud.”

Sandoval who was a part of Team USA and a 2018 National Champion recently decide to turn professional. Managed by Charles Bosecker and Oscar Sanchez, and trained by Marcus Caballero, Cain has looked very impressive to begin his career coming away with first round knockouts in each of his first two matches. “I have always had a good relationship with Marcus, he trained our fighter Pedro Moreno and one day he asked if he could bring Cain down for some sparring.” Stated Bosecker, who went on to say “Cain looked really good and Oscar and I took him in with the hopes of keeping him busy and eventually getting him signed by a major promotional company.” 

Cain Sandoval Comes Away With A First Round Knockout Over Lucnor Diserne

When asked about his idols growing up Sandoval stated he really liked the style of Salvador Sanchez, and thinks his style as an aggressive counter puncher takes after Hector “Macho” Camacho. Sandoval will be back in the ring in early December and hopes to stay busy in 2022 fighting at least five times. “I love boxing and yes I dream of one day becoming a world champion but my main goal is make sure my family is financially stable. My parents have given everything to me and I just want to make sure that one day I can take care of them, my community and become someone that the youth can look up too.” Sandoval also gave a special thanks to his nutritionists Cynthia from Built Nutrition and a special sponsor Mayra who has helped with walkout outfits and boxing shoes. 



Anthony Saldana