Prospect Spotlight: Daniel “Twitch” Franco
October 28, 2015
Nancy Rodriguez (329 articles)

Prospect Spotlight: Daniel “Twitch” Franco

Daniel “Twitch” Franco. Photo By: Anna Aguilar / Supreme Boxing

It was a big milestone in Daniel “Twitch” Franco’s career to be on the undercard of Andre Ward vs Paul Smith this past June. As he stood in the middle of the ring before his fight started, Daniel looked up at his name written across the display board in the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA. It brought a smile to his face to know that his hard work is paying off. Newly signed with Roc Nation, Franco had the opportunity to showcase his boxing talent during Roc Nation Sports’ first televised show on BET. He defeated Jonathan Alcantara in an eight round unanimous decision.“I felt good in my last fight,” said Daniel. “I felt that I performed very well. I listened to my corner to every thing that they were saying. I threw a lot of punches. The guy was very tough. I had a lot of fun. It was a good fight.”


A rising prospect, Daniel holds an undefeated record of 11-0-3 (7 KOs). When he was a kid, Daniel did poorly in other sports, such as baseball, because he needed glasses. For that reason, he started boxing at eleven years old with his brothers. They picked up the sport right away and exceled at it and Daniel’s eye vision didn’t affect him in the sport. “I can see close. I just have to see the guy’s punches coming. I can see where his body is moving and his feet, it’s fine. It’s not like I have to look across the ring and see what his coach’s hat says,” said Daniel, with a laugh.


Daniel’s brother Michael “Lil Warrior” Franco is also a professional boxer, with a record of 19-1 (12 KOs) and his father, Al Franco trains both of them. Boxing has made the Francos a close knit family. Daniel and his brother would train and run together, as well as push each other to be better in the sport. Since Al is father/trainer, Daniel calls him “Dad” at home and “Pops” in the gym. “Any instructions that he gives me I say ‘Yes, Sir’. ‘Throw more jabs’. ‘Yes, Sir.’ Move your foot work’. ‘Yes, Sir.’ That way he knows that I am listening,” said Franco. “I know exactly where I stand. I’m the solider in the ring; he’s the brains. He’s the one seeing every thing and making sure I come out there victorious.”


Daniel is grateful to have his father as his trainer and mentor, because he knows his father has the best interest for him. “He has a say in every thing,” said Franco. “He wants the best for me. He wants to see me flourish and become a great fighter.”


Daniel with Joe Goossen at Ten Goose Boxing Gym. Photo Credit: Jennifer Arredondo / Supreme Boxing

Al and Daniel’s manager, Ray Chaparro, both found it best for Daniel to sign with Roc Nation and add an additional trainer to help expand their fighter’s talent. The team chose to add world-class trainer, Joe Goossen. Having trained some great champions, Goossen has plenty of boxing intellect and experience that he can bring to the team. Both Daniel and Al hope to gain more knowledge with him. “He knows how to throw a game plan out and that’s where we brought him on board,” said Daniel.


Al and Joe have been friends for a long time and have a good relationship, so when the team wanted to bring someone in with more experience, they decided to go with someone they can trust. Daniel has already been training with Joe a few days a week out of Ten Goose Boxing Gym in Van Nuys, CA. “Joe will tell me, he needs to work on this, and Daniel and I will work on it,” said Al. “It’s more of seeing what our opponents have to offer, studying the opponent and then setting our game plan for that. That’s where his knowledge is going to step up. That’s where there is going to be a difference.”


Al can dissect opponents very well. He can see the mistakes that they are going to do and strategize, but with having Joe in his corner, he hopes to gain more experience from him as well. “Someone will always have something to offer as long as you listen. There are going to be things I’m going to pick up. The way he studies something, maybe he will look at it different,” said Al. “Everything he says to work on, or what he sees that I don’t see, we will do.”


Joe feels the most valuable thing that he can give the team is his knowledge. He feels that

Daniel would have a big advantage with some better quality sparring and high impact training at Ten Goose, where they do a lot of rounds. “My theory here is if we don’t out work the other guy, they are going to our work us and in the long run they are going to have more gas in the take then we are,” said Joe.


Most of the work that Daniel does in training is done at his home gym, War Zone, in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca., where he runs, hits the mitts and works on strength and conditioning. At Ten Goose Boxing Gym, Daniel will have the advantage of working with veteran boxers, Olympians and boxers who are up and comers that are half way there like himself. “The kid can fight, he is an exceptional, talented guy. His technique is superb,” said Joe. “Sometimes the change of pace is what someone needs. He has the same team, but now he has a new voice and a new way of looking at things. Throwing in some stuff that I know is imperative to have.”


As of now, Daniel has learned some new tricks and techniques from Joe, such as a different view of fighting from the inside. With a new fight date approaching, Daniel is determined to bring that into the ring. Joe will be in his corner on November 20th, when Daniel fights at the Double Tree Hotel in Ontario, CA, as a special attraction on a Thompson Boxing Promotions card. For updates on Daniel’s training and fights, follow him on Instagram and Twitter @DanielTwitch and on Facebook at



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