Mask on Gloves up, Covid-19 and The Fight in and out of the Ring for Michael Dutchover and Ruben Torres
July 19, 2020
Anthony Saldana (143 articles)

Mask on Gloves up, Covid-19 and The Fight in and out of the Ring for Michael Dutchover and Ruben Torres

By Anthony “Stacks” Saldaña

Thursday, March 12th, 2020 it’s fight week for Thompson Boxing prospect Michael “The West Texas Warrior” Dutchover, his weight is on point, his family has flown into California for his fight, and his mindset is one that is completely focused. The young talented prospect is coming off the first loss of his career and is less than 48 hours from being able to redeem himself in the squared circle. Dutchover would then receive a  phone call that would turn out not to only affect him, but the entire sports world. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the California State Athletic Commission would cancel Dutchover’s fight as well as all other combat sports, the rest of the country would soon follow suit. “I was ready, ready to get in there and take care of business. I was like one day out, and everything came to a screeching halt.” Stated Dutchover in a recent interview with Supreme Boxing. 

Now Michael Dutchover (13-1, 10 KOs) and stablemate Ruben “Ace” Torres (12-0, 10 KOs) will be ready to lace up the gloves this Sunday, July 26, 2020, live on the Thompson Boxing PPV from Omega Products International in Corona, California. 

Michael Dutchover photo by Thompson Boxing

Dutchover who is scheduled to go toe to toe with the tough Jorge Marron Jr. (18-1, 6 KOs) and is coming off the longest layoff of his career, looks to continue to move forward after suffering his first-ever loss. “I really don’t see my last fight as a loss, honestly it’s more of a learning experience,” stated Dutchover. “I was ahead on all the scorecards and had an unfortunate stoppage due to a cut, but I know I have what it takes to become world champion one day, and the confidence to go in and get this victory.” 

On the undercard, Torres will put his unbeaten record on the line against battle-tested Chilean warrior Oscar Bravo (25-9, 11 KOs). Bravo who has been in with the likes of Felix Verdejo, Saul “Neno” Rodriguez, and Diego Magdaleno to name a few, will on paper be the toughest challenge of his career. “I know I have a tough opponent in front of me, but I’ve trained hard and I know what I’m capable of in that ring. I also know a lot of people are making a big deal of fighting without fans but when I’m in that ring I don’t focus on the crowd I focus on what’s in front of me.” Stated Torres who last fought in February. 

Ruben Torres photo by Thompson Boxing

Managed and trained by Danny Zamora, both Dutchover and Torres had to adapt to not being able to get into their gym in Santa Fe Springs due to Covid-19. “We focused on roadwork” stated Torres. “Me and Micheal would run up to 70 miles a week, we did training in the back yard.” 

With the pandemic keeping the country locked down, Torres and Dutchover just like many others had to come up with different methods to train. “Training was really great because of the help strength and conditioning coach Jerry Arias, we really had the best camp we could possibly have, I know all of us fighters always say that but taking it outside and doing a lot of old school training really helped us prepare for this fight.” Stated Dutchover. “We’d be up at the crack of dawn running, we’d do strength and conditioning about 10:00 am, we’d rest then in the evening get our boxing training in. We only had a few people in camp and sparring consisted of me and Ruben going to the backyard and throwing down” said Dutchover as he laughed. 

Coach Jerry Arias with Ruben Torres and Michael Dutchover

Ultimately as gyms did begin to open up and their manager Danny Zamora had to make a decision on how to approach their next step which included bringing in people to spar. “When the gyms opened back up they were really packed,” stated Zamora. “My main concern was the health and safety of the boys and the health and safety of anyone that was in camp with us.” Eventually, Zamora and his fighters would be invited to Fundamentals 19 Gym by the owner. “Don Chuey” and his son. “I really appreciated the gesture to be invited into the gym and to have the boys train with Arnold Barboza Jr. We all took the necessary precautions and we even were all tested before we started working out in the gym. My boys got in some good work had a great camp and I’m confident they’ll both come away victorious Sunday” 

Also on the card and kicking things off in a 6-round featherweight bout, undefeated boxer-puncher, Arnold Dinong (6-0, 1 KO) of Daly City, California takes on San Diego native Brandon Cruz (6-1, 4 KOs)

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