Marco Trejo Plants Physical and Mental Well Being in So. Cal Youth
August 13, 2022
Anthony Saldana (149 articles)

Marco Trejo Plants Physical and Mental Well Being in So. Cal Youth

By Anthony “Stacks” Saldaña

Growing up in the South Bay city of Hawthorne, California, Marco Trejo was stellar athlete that shined in baseball and football throughout middle school and high school. Going into his senior year however, Trejos surroundings including a less than ideal family life, and friends that ran with “Lennox 13” a local gang had huge impact on his decisions to stay focused on school and sports. “Although I graduated from Hawthorne High in 1999, I threw all my opportunities away by choosing to hang out with my homies and party” stated Trejo in a recent interview with this writer. Trejo continued to live “The Fast Life” as young adult while working different jobs across the country including in Michigan and Atlanta, Georgia. It was in Atlanta that Trejo began to get motivated while working around many successful business men. He began boxing and challenged himself to not only work on his economic status but on his personal health. Trejo would eventually move back to Southern California and while training, Trejo would propose plan to a couple of acquaintances including the producer of  the Discovery Channel’s “Fight Quest” to open a boxing gym in Hawthorne. Those men would eventually invest into Trejo’s dream and in 2009 he would open up the Sweet Science Boxing Gym. “I knew in high school I threw my opportunities away and I wasn’t going to let my chance to have kids from my neighborhood squander any chance they had to reach their full potential, not just as future boxers but as kids who could grow up and become valued members of community.” 


Coach Trejo gives Vincent Gabriel some fundamental pointers

Although Trejo didn’t box growing up, he began watching boxing at a young age and enjoyed watching the likes of Mike Tyson and Julio Cesar Chavez. But it was one fighter in particular that was Trejo’s original inspiration, Oscar De La Hoya. “Watching Oscar was everything “The Golden Boy,” won a gold medal at the 1992 Olympics when he was 19, he was from East LA and he was a chicano. Oscar gave all of us hope that we could rise up and succeed.” Stated Trejo who went on to say “My dad took me to watch De La Hoya vs Ruelas Cinco De Mayo weekend at Caesars Palace and that’s where I fell in love with boxing, but that same night Jimmy Garcia was killed in an earlier boxing match. It was traumatic and historic, it’t something I’ll never forget. I learned that boxing is not a game to be played, it is serious business.” 

Marco Trejo shows of a tattoo of his inspiration, his Father Marco Trejo Sr.


That love carried over to his love for his own boxing gym and to everyone who trains there. “Once I found boxing and the opportunity to start the gym, I really found something that inspired me, that made it easy to get up in the morning” stated Trejo who went on to say “For me the most important thing is costumer service, I really strive to insure that everyone that visits the Sweet Science Gym enjoys their experience and leaves happy. My goal is to not only to make my community a better place to live but to develop a future group of world champions and really put Hawthorne on the map.” 


Undefeated amateur Noah Park gets in his daily workout

From the start Trejo made the decision to invest his time, instead of spending it. He was open to constructive criticism and took advice from many on how to improve not only as business owner but a boxing coach as well. “The truth is that the coaching spectrum is huge and there are so many methods and approaches to it. In boxing everyone has their own style, coaches, fighters, trainers and  I knew I had a lot to learn. I stayed open minded and that allowed me to recognize my weaknesses, and revise techniques when necessary” said Trejo. With that being said what makes Trejo special is that he has developed a great mental and emotional connection with his students, he feels what his fighters feel, and is able to relate to them. He doesn’t  give up on his boxers, and never lets them feel unappreciated or incomplete.

Smitty getting ready for his day at Sweet Science

Many of the clientele are children and now young adults that Trejo has watched grow up. A lot of them started training as early as seven years old and now are world class amateur boxers including Joey Abudy. “Joey is a great kid he’s a national champion, the WBC Green Belt Champion and is already a highly scouted by several major promotional companies.” Along with Abudy, Trejo also manages and trains undefeated welterweight contender Mylik Birdsong, who hopefully will be fighting for a regional title by the end of the year. “Mylik is a tough kid with an even tougher story, he grew up and still lives in “The Jungles” a gang infested neighborhood and growing up he’s seen more than his fair share of blood shed.” Trejo believes in the potential of every young person, even when they don’t believe in it themselves. He’s changing lives through boxing, and now MMA empowering young people to develop their physical and mental wellbeing and build the confidence they need to go after their dreams.

Mylik Birdsong gets a quick stretch in before his morning workout at the Sweet Science Gym

Calvin Gaston, jumping rope is one of the many that Marco Trejo has inspired on his journey to becoming a future world champion.

Marco never thought he’d be in the position he’s in right now, he is engaged to his partner Nikki Nunez, who was a manager at another gym. She trained at Sweet Science one day and the rest is history. Nikki also shares Marco’s passion for martial arts, boxing and business. She helps train fighters, and also runs their store GOAT Fight Shop when not chasing around their adorable 2-year-old son. Marco self admittedly made a lot of mistakes growing up , but no matter what mistake he made he never gave up. Today he owns one of the if not the biggest boxing gyms in all of Los Angeles County and looks forward to working with local city government leaders and community members to start helping “At Risk Youth.” 

The Sweet Science Boxing and MMA Gym is located at 12935 Hawthorne Blvd, Hawthorne, CA 90250 and offers group classes on a daily basis with private lessons by appointment.  Sweet Science trainers all have competition experience and are excited to teach, train and share their knowledge with you.  Their group classes are popular for any skill level and perfect for a weight-loss or fitness routine.







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