Knockout night at Golden Boy’s LA Fight Club
August 20, 2016
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Knockout night at Golden Boy’s LA Fight Club

Photo by: Lina Baker/See You Ringside Photography

LOS ANGELES – Vyacheslav Shabranskyy (17-0, 14 KOs) of Los Angeles closed the show at the Belasco Theatre with a second round knockout win over Oscar Riojas (10-6, 3 KOS) of Laredo, TX. It was an early night for everyone and Shabranskyy was not going to be the only one staying out late. He dropped Riojas down with a short right hand in round two. Once Riojas got up, Shabranskyy attacked with a right, left, right before referee, Raul Caiz, Jr. stepped in and waved the fight at 1:43 in round two.

“In the first round, I wanted to feel him out, find out what he had as a fighter. By the second round I started to expose his weaknesses and knew that I could finish the fight early, and that was what my corner was telling me to do,” said Shabranskyy. “I try to make sure I listen to my corner as they can see things that I can’t. Luckily we were able to finish the fight early and I am looking forward to the next fight.”

“I feel really disappointed–this fight was not how I expected it to go,” said Riojas. “The knockout caught me by surprise and there was nothing I could do. I feel really disappointed about how this ended but everyone can definitely expect me back in the ring soon again.”

Photo By: Ray Navarette/Supreme Boxing

Local favorite, Ivan “Striker” Delgado returned to the Belasco is a action packed fight with Alejandro Ochoa (7-12-2, 1 KO) of Santa Ana, CA. Ochoa gave Delgado a work for his win and kept coming forward, throwing punches that Delgado counterpunch with mainly left hooks. In round one, Delgado buckled Ochoa’s knees with a solid left and his glove touched the canvas. Still, Ochoa kept coming forward, working the body on Delgado, but the punches were not affective. The two were busy, but Delgado was landing the cleaner punches. On the inside, Delgado was able to land a few clean uppercuts. Though Delgado formed a shiner on his right eye in the first round from a punch, his corner was able to keep it under control. In round seven, for the knockout, Delgado landed two solid left hooks and a right that backed Ochoa down. Referee Lou Moret saw enough and waved off the fight at 1:42, instead of count. Ochoa didn’t seem to happy about it, as he was about to come up for more, but Moret saw enough. Delgado improves his record to 10-0-1, 3 KOs.

“I kept going really hard throughout all the rounds, and I knew I would eventually get the knockout because I hurt him early on by knocking him down,” said Delgado. “I never got frustrated because I knew I had to keep my cool and land my punches so I didn’t get sloppy—that’s how I was able to successfully capture the knockout.”


Photo by: Lina Baker/See You Ringside Photography


Alexis Rocha (4-0, 3 KOs) of Santa Ana, CA opened up the televised bout with a TKO win over Israel Villela (4-3, 1 KO) of Cancun, MX. Rocha set up his left hook with a right hand and sent Villela to the canvas. Villela came up for the count, and Rocha attacked with a flurry of punches before referee Raul Caiz, Jr. stepped in to stop the fight at 1:18 in round one.

“I always prepare for every fight with the same intensity and this fight was not the exception,” said Alexis Rocha. “I thought he was going to rush me in the first round, so I made sure to stay focused and aggressive. Once I had him dow, I knew I had to apply smart pressure to win this fight. I am glad I was able to finish it early and secure another victory.”

Preliminary bouts:

Photo by: Ray Navarette/Supreme Boxing.

David “June Bug” Mijares (3-0, 2 KOs) grabbed his second TKO win tonight when referee, Lou Moret stopped the fight at 1:36 in round two. Mijares of Santa Monica, Ca. landed a one-two on Jorrell Sparenberg (0-2) of Houston, TX that backed Sparenberg to the corner. Mijares then let his hands go with more one-twos before Moret stepped in. In the first round, Sparenberg felt Mijares’ powerful left hand, which was only a matter of time before it was enough.

“It’s feel so great to have a dramatic victory in front of my hometown crowd,” said Mijares. “I feel like I put on a great show for all the fans supporting me tonight. There are still some things I need to work on, particularly taking my time and exercising my patience in the ring, but I am just very excited about my victory tonight. I am ready for the next fight.”


Photo by: Ray Navarette/Supreme Boxing.

Oscar Duarte (6-0-1, 3 KOs) of Parral, MX sent his opponent home early tonight with a KO win in round one. Duarte landed a flurry of one-twos on Omar Garcia (5-4, 1 KO) of Monterrey, MX and dropped him down to the canvas with an overhand right. Garcia embraced the canvas for most of the count and wobbled to his way up to feet, but referee Raul Caiz, Jr. reached the ten count at :58.

“I feel so blessed to have another victory under my belt,” said Duarte, “My game plan was to enter the ring calmly and relaxed. I knew I could get the knock out when I felt like I hurt him with my body punch. I am going to keep up the discipline that I have, and turn that into more results like this.”


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