Kerobyan Stops Medivil in 49 seconds at LA fight club
October 15, 2018
Nancy Rodriguez (329 articles)

Kerobyan Stops Medivil in 49 seconds at LA fight club

Live from the historic Belasco theatre in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. A raucous crowd was eager to receive their hometown favorites. Tonight Goldenboy would feature some of their hottest prospects. The loudest pop of the night came for hometown hero Ferdinand “Lucky boy” Kerobyan (10-0, 5 KOs)who would need no luck at all and only 49 seconds to stop his opponent Rolando Mendivil (10-6 4KOs) cold in the very first round. His hometown audibly behind him Kerobyan came out and slipped Medivils attacks stepping in and delivering a brutal combination to send his opponent to the mat. Mendivil got up but was quickly met with more of the same getting caught again defenseless near the ropes being rocked repeatedly until the referee had seen enough stopping the fight at 49 seconds of the very first round. A resounding performance from the the hometown fighter to send his fans home happy. The future looks bright for the rising super welterweight who moves to 11-0 6 KOs. “I felt great. I never like to say that a fight is easy. I just make it look easy,” said Ferdinand Kerobyan. “I’m proud of my performance. I showed that I’m a warrior. I’m looking for bigger and better names. I want eight and ten round fights only.”


In the Co main event of the night, Azat Hovhannisyan (15-3, 12 KOs) of Los Angeles, California absolutely dominated his fight against Jesus Martinez (24-5, 12 KOs) of Monteria, Colombia who was running from him the majority of the fight, Hovhannisyan would eventually corner his opponent dropping bomb after bomb to both the head and body of his opponent. Martinez would attempt several clinches shooting in with his head down leaving him down on the canvass. After several warnings from veteran referee Jack Reiss Martinez would be dropped and a CSAC doctor would wave off the fight at 30 seconds of the third round of a fight originally scheduled for eight rounds. “I feel stronger than ever before,” said Azat Hovhannisyan. “Whatever has happened in the past is past. I’m ready for a world title fight. I know I still have a lot left in the tank.”


In other action Richard “Kansas kid” Acevedo (4-0, 4 KOs) of Los Angeles, California made quick work of his opponent Javier Olvera (2-1, 1 KO) of Agua Prieta, Mexico knocking him out in the early part of round 1. Acevedo landed a barrage of vicious shots which ended with a wicked body shot that sent Olvera down and forced the referee to stop the fight at 2:30 seconds of a scheduled 6.


Rudy Garcia (9-0, 1 KO) of Los Angeles, California defeated Houstons David Perez (10-5, 5 KOs) in a six round super bantamweight fight by way of unanimous decision. Ringside judges turned in scores of 59-56 and two scores of 60-62. “I felt good and strong. There are a couple things to work on. He’s a tough guy and his right hook to the body is really accurate. I’m ready for any upcoming dates to make my return to the ring” said Rudy Garcia.


In an explosive opening bout David Mijares battled Michael “boogieman” Myers who would walk to the ring with a fitting remix of the Halloween theme song. Much like his hollywood namesake Myers too was on a quest to seek and destroy. Starting the round off with a bang Myers used his impressive power to score a first round knockdown of Mijares. Through the next two rounds Myers used an arsenal of power punches to inflict punishment on Mijares who was bleeding heavily from his nose by round 4 in the end only one judge ruled in favor of Myers 38-37 which was overruled by two scorecards of 38-37 for Mijares. “I felt like I did more damage and believe I should have been awarded the fight” said Myers after the fight.


LA fight club is always a solid showcase of talent and tonight was no exception be sure to follow supreme boxing for all your boxing coverage.


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