Golovkin too much for Lemieux/Gonzalez powers over Viloria
October 18, 2015
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Golovkin too much for Lemieux/Gonzalez powers over Viloria

Photo Credit: Tom Hogan – Hogan Promotions/Golden Boy Promotions

Saturday night, Gennady “GGG” Golovkin (34-0, 31 KOs) defeated David Lemieux (34-3, 31 KOs) in a TKO victory for the middleweight world champion title unification in front of a sold out crowd of 20, 548 at Madison Square Garden. Lemieux was defending his IBF middleweight world title, while Golovkin was defending his WBA/IBO and WBC “Interim” world titles. Golovkin dominated the fight with his jab and kept Lemieux at a distance, showing that he is more than just a brawler. Lemieux was determined to do what he could to find an opening, but those jabs from GGG were just to overwhelming. The best punch of the night for Lemieux was in round five, as he landed a hard right hand to Golovkin. It was short lived, when Golovkin made him pay with a left hook to the liver that brought Lemieux down. As Lemieux took the knee, Golovkin landed a punch and referee Steve Willis scolds him as GGG bows in apology. The jabs and right hands were just too much for the frustrated Lemieux, standing no chance in finding a way to turn the fight around. By round seven, the referee was lingering close by, as Golovkin delivered jab after jab after jab on Lemieux. Golovkin gained another win when ref Steve Willis stepped in at 1:32 in round eight, putting Golovkin’s consecutive knock out streak at 21. The Kazakhstan native now holds the IBF, IBO, Interim WBC, and WBA World middleweight titles.

“I feel great, it was a great fight, I felt his power,” said Golovkin. “I was strong tonight and my punches hurt him. He is a great champion and I’m glad to beat him.”

“I feel like the referee called the fight too early,” said Lemieux. “When he stopped it, I wasn’t even on the mat. I can keep going. I have a lot of respect for Golovkin as a fighter. We prepared well for this fight, but I feel like I waited too long to take some shots tonight and that really hurt me. I want another chance at Golovkin and I will take advantage of it.”

“I had to do something,” said referee Steve Willis. “David is a very competitive fighter and as long as he was able to throw punches, he was going to keep on trying but his chances of winning were decreasing as the fight went on. Against a guy (Golovkin) like that, he was going to get really hurt and I’m here to protect the fighter’s health and that’s my top priority. I couldn’t let him continue to receive punishment. I gave him every chance I could and I still hesitated too much. It was over.”

Final punch stats were 280 of 549 (51%) for GGG and 89 of 335 (21%) for Lemieux. Golovkin threw 170 of 350 (47%) in jabs, while Lemieux threw 54 of 144 (38%). Final power punch stats for Golovkin were 54 of 144 (34%) and 35 of 191 (18%) for Lemieux.

In the co-main event, Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez proved why he is ranked first and the best pound for pound fighter in the world in The Ring and ESPN boxing list. He improved his record to 44-0 with 38 KOs, when referee Benjy Esteves, Jr. stepped in to rescue Brian “Hawaiian Punch” Viloria (36-5, 22 KOs) at 2:53 of round 9. Gonzalez started out slow in the first round, while Viloria came in the busier fighter. Both guys fought well in the inside, but Gonzalez caught Viloria with a short right hand to his jaw that sent him straight down to the canvas. Viloria quickly got up from that first knock down in his career, both amateur and professional. Vitoria kept coming forward, giving Gonzalez a challenge to step up his game and work harder to break down the “Hawaiian Punch”. Both guys worked the body and kept the rhythm going in the inside with out clinging each other, giving boxing fans a show down. Viloria brought what he could to the ring, but Gonzalez’s speed and power was just too much, Gonzalez would land a multitude of punches before Viloria could land one. Viloria just kept eating those hits as Gonzalez was slowing him down. In round 8, Viloria threw a left hook to the body of Gonzalez, taking the wind out of him and limiting his boxing skill momentarily. Once Gonzalez recovered, he came went back to work and punished Viloria with numerous punches until the ref seen enough and stepped in. Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez remains the WBC World Flyweight champion.

“This fight is dedicated to God because he gave me the victory,” said Gonzalez. “I was in great shape. My conditioning was terrific, we trained very hard in Costa Rica and had great sparring. Brian is a great champion, but tonight I was the better man.”

“Roman is a tremendous fighter,” said Viloria. “I have nothing but respect for him. I had prepared for a different Roman and he surprised me with his defense and his speed. I do feel like the fight was stopped prematurely. I feel good and can keep going. If I had an opportunity to take him on again, I would. I feel like I learned a lot today and would use that for the next time around.”

Final power punches  were 315 of 571 (55%) for Gonzalez and 161 of 460 (35%) for Viloria.

In the undercards, Luis “The Real King Kong” Ortiz (23-0, 20 KOs) claimed the vacant WBA Interim Heavyweight World title in a third round KO victory over Matias Ariel “El Matador” Vidondo (20-2-1, 18 KOs). Ortiz sends Vindondo to the canvas in round two with a right hook, then finishes him in round 3 with a lead right hand followed by a straight left.

Tureano Johnson (19-1, 13 KOs) wins unanimously against Eamonn O’Kane (14-2-1, 5 KOs) in an IBF Middleweight World title eliminator. Johnson knocked down O’Kane in round two, but both guys put in a tremendous amount of work throughout the twelve rounds, fighting mostly on the inside. Judges scored it 118-108, 117-109 and 119-107 all for Tureano Johnson.

Referee Steve Willis stops the fight at round 8.
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Photo by: Ed Mulholland

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