Canelo brings flavor to Santos Sabores
November 5, 2015
Nancy Rodriguez (329 articles)

Canelo brings flavor to Santos Sabores

Mexican super star and professional boxer, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez has joined forces with Santos Sabores’ CEO and founder, Nelda Sepulveda, to launch a Mexican tradition ice cream company in the United States. Santos Sabores is a new San Diego based company that makes Mexican style popsicles in a variety of authentic flavors. As the co-founder and face of this new product, Canelo’s pop star fame in the U.S. and in Mexico, has helped bring curiosity to this new product that will be available for the public in February 2016.

Canelo and Nelda, both have come from generations of popsicle makers. Nelda is fourth generation and decided to take on her family’s tradition by bringing the popsicle business to the U.S. A graduate of San Diego Culinary Institute, Nelda spent time developing eight wholesome flavors while remaining loyal to healthy ingredients. These ingredients include: pineapple, strawberry, hibiscus, coconut, mango, nut, lime, and tamarind.

Santos Sabores is authentic and falls back on traditions of Mexico. They carefully select the freshest and most natural ingredients, handcrafted and passed on through generations. Santos Sabores creates flavors that will trigger a sense of nostalgia, causing consumers to remember their home and traditional roots through their palette. With each popsicle, Santos Sabores will be sure to bring the flavor of Mexico to any market and show their audience why the key to a great product truly is in the preparation.

For more information on this product, its flavors, and store locations, check out their website at You can follow Santos Sabores on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for updates leading up to its availability in February. Be sure to check out its co-founder, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, as he takes on Miguel Cotto in the most anticipated fight of the year, on November 21st live on HBO PPV.



Nancy Rodriguez