IBF Orders an Immediate Rematch for Jose Uzcategui and Andre Dirrell
June 26, 2017 Share

IBF Orders an Immediate Rematch for Jose Uzcategui and Andre Dirrell

By Anthony “Stacks” Saldaña

A rematch between Andre Dirrell vs. Jose Uzcategui has been ordered By The IBF. On May 25 the IBF received a written request from Jose Uzcategui’s advisor Sean Gibbons and his promotor Zanfer Promotions asking for a review of the Uzcategui vs. Dirrell bout that took place on May 20, at the MGM National Harbor Hotel & Casino in Baltimore, MD. Uzcategui’s camp claims that Referee Bill Clancy made an erroneous call when ruling that their fighter deliberately punched Andre Dirrell after the bell and requested that the IBF review the fight and order an immediate rematch.


The fight between Dirrell and Uzcategui as many remember ended in a controversial decision in the eighth round when Uzcategui knocked out Dirrell with a three punch combination after the bell. Leon Lawson, uncle and one of the coaches of Dirrell, came over to the corner of the Venezuelan fighter and sucker punched Uzcategui with numerous punches. Uzcategui and his team filed assault charges and Lawson turned himself in. Lawson was suspended by all of the major sanctioning bodies, including the WBC, the ABC and the Maryland Boxing Commission. Lawson was also brought up on criminal charges and will start trial in late August.

Today a letter was sent from the IBF president Daryl Peoples to Uzcategui adviser Sean Gibbons and promoter Zanfer Promotions, in which he wrote that  that an immediate rematch is warranted.

“During our review of the fight, the championships chairman and I observed Jose Uzcategui hit Andre Dirrell and knock him to the canvas after the bell had sounded ending the eighth round. The punch that knocked Dirrell down was part of a three-punch combination,” Peoples wrote. “Immediately following the knockdown referee Bill Clancy called ‘time out’ and asked Andre Dirrell if he was OK. Andre Dirrell was on his hands and knees and shook his head in the affirmative.


“The referee then called the ringside physician into the ring to examine Andre Dirrell and told the doctor that ‘I need to know if he can continue.’ During the ringside physician’s examination of Dirrell, the referee advised the ringside physician that ‘I’m not going to let him continue, I’m disqualifying [Uzcategui] for knocking him out after the bell.’ The referee then consulted executive director of the Maryland State Athletic Commission Pat Pannella and advised him that, ‘He clearly got hit after the bell. He is unable to continue. I’m disqualifying the other fighter. He knocked him out after the bell.'”

Peoples acknowledged in the letter than the referee is the sole arbiter of determining whether a foul was committed and whether a punch is legal. However, Peoples said Clancy erred in not making a determination whether the punch was accidental or flagrant.


“The referee made it clear that he had ruled the blow to Dirrell after the bell was ‘illegal.’ However, the referee did not determine whether the ‘illegal’ punch was intentional or accidental pursuant to [IBF] guidelines,” Peoples wrote. “Had the referee determined that the ‘illegal’ punch was accidental, the bout would have resulted in a technical decision awarded to Jose Uzcategui, who was ahead on the judges’ scorecards after eight rounds had been scored.


“The IBF has also determined that it was inappropriate for the referee to advise Dirrell of the decision of the bout prior to the official decision being announced. Based on the above … the IBF has ruled that the referee’s conduct was inappropriate and will grant an immediate rematch.”