Through The Eyes of the Tiger: It’s About  Life, Boxing and Family for Joseph “El Tigre” Landeros
August 15, 2018
Davon McLaughlin (13 articles)

Through The Eyes of the Tiger: It’s About Life, Boxing and Family for Joseph “El Tigre” Landeros

By Davon McLaughlin


Think back to when you were 17 years old, however long it may be… What did life consist of? What was on your mind? Got it? So if you’re like most you were probably in your last year of high school. Maybe playing sports after school and if you were really ambitious you might have had a part time job. I would venture to say most weren’t waking up at 3:30am to be in the gym by four, Holding a 4.0 GPA, acting in films or Nike commercials, I know I definitely wasn’t building houses in Ecuador or holding an undefeated pro boxing record with the Knockouts to match it. If you aren’t already impressed, undefeated prospect Joseph Landeros (13-0, 13 KO’S) also owns two boxing gyms and hopes to purchase two investment properties by this time next year. As a kid Landeros fell in love with the sport of boxing and knew his heart was set on turning pro. Which he accomplished at the age of 15! He was Inspired by warriors within the sport. Their names; Miguel Cotto and Juan Manuel Marquez. Motivated by these hall of fame fighters, It comes as no surprise he fights with such ferocity in the ring. “ I was really inspired watching the fights with Margarito, Even more so after knowing that the hand wraps were tampered with”. [Referring to the illegal hand wraps used by Margarito in his bout with Miguel Cotto] Despite the madness that is everyday for Landeros he says he was “really moved” on his recent trip to Ecuador where he was building homes with the indigenous people of the mountain villages. “It was really touching to watch 5’3 women working all day with a pickaxe while carrying their young children on their backs”. Even so Landeros still found time to prepare his body for war, making time to run at altitudes in excess of 10 thousand feet. He says it was a little scary because the mountains were “constantly shifting, and coming down around us”. It may seem that outside the rigors of training and going to school there isn’t enough time to do anything else but to my amazement He somehow makes time to “get away from it all” by producing hip hop and pop music in his free time. “My friends all understand not to make plans ahead of time, due to the intensity of my schedule”. Looking at all this it is easy to forget that he is only 17 years old. Outside of fighting Landeros is still a normal teenager with aspirations to pursue a lifelong passion for fashion and hopes to earn a degree in Fashion Marketing. When I asked him how his training varies with the amount of fights he takes on in a year he says “ I like to leave all the scouting of my opponents in my coaches hands” He says they know what’s best for him and trusts them entirely. With an amateur career of over 115 fights and 11 national titles, something is working. He hopes to close out 2018 with a win Friday night and “a few more victories to truly solidify my name as a pro fighter” where he hopes to gain some long-term sponsors that he can stay loyal to him as he ascends the pro ranks in hopes of winning some more titles in the next year. Landeros who goes by the very fitting moniker of “El Tigre” or translated to “The Tiger” in English is also the owner of a hard charging style with brutal punching power. He has all the makings of a future star. Much like the homes he helped build in Ecuador, Landeros has a very solid foundation with relentless work ethic and a great team behind him at every step. Consisting of his father Frank, his brother Woodie Landeros and his coach through the early part of his career Mario Perez. When I asked Landeros if he gets intimidated stepping in the ring with guys older and much more experienced than him Joseph simply stated “ If they can make the weight and show up to fight, I can handle them” The altitudes in the mountains of Ecuador are far from the highest peaks Joseph will reach with an outlook this positive and such a strong backing. If you want to follow Joseph’s career he will be fighting this Friday August 17th at the brand new Big Punch Arena in Tijuana, Mexico. You can also follow Joseph on his YouTube channel @Joseph Landeros, Or his Instagram @Joseph_Landeros.
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Davon McLaughlin