Joseph Diaz Jr. vs Jesus Rojas: A Hollywood Homecoming
August 10, 2018
Davon McLaughlin (13 articles)

Joseph Diaz Jr. vs Jesus Rojas: A Hollywood Homecoming

By Davon McLaughlin


In today’s post Mayweather era of boxing an undefeated record can hold the weight of an entire legion of fans, the difference between fighting for titles or being held in promotional limbo.    Often times the billing of a card between two boxers with unblemished records is centered primarily on the fact that “Someone’s 0 has to go” we as fans tend to get hung up in the notion that once a fighter is defeated in the ring and no longer holds a perfect record, then all of a sudden he is “damaged goods” he is no longer the rising star we once thought. There have been numerous instances of world class fighters finally losing the goose egg after the dash in their records and never quite recovering. Whether it be from a promotion stand point or just the fact that not all men can recover from tasting defeat. Excellent fighters, the likes of Adrien Broner, boxing’s greatest villain since the aforementioned Floyd “Money” Mayweather. After tasting the mat and being defeated for the very first time in 2013 against Marcos Maidana it can be argued that Broner never was the same fighter and would go on to lose two more fights, while never securing the big time PPV numbers that we once thought would come from then undefeated Broner.


In very recent memory Sergey Kovalev was a seemingly unstoppable force in the light heavyweight ranks, Until he too was forced to hear “and new” while he watched as his opponent had his hand raised. This was the first time the “Krusher” had been defeated as a pro and just like Broner before him was not quite the same in the four fights since. In subsequent fights he too would come up on the losing end two more times bringing his record to 32-3. Can one loss really derail the entire train of a fighting career? Maybe


Are there exceptions? sure, not every fighter is derailed by a loss however, and in certain cases the experience from being defeated can catapult a career into the stratosphere. Some fans forget that the biggest draw in boxing today has a loss on his record. That didn’t stop Saul “Canelo” Alvarez from selling out the T- Mobile arena for his showdown with the Undefeated Gennady Golovkin. Nor should one loss hinder the very talented Joseph Diaz Jr affectionately known to fans as “JoJo” who gained a wealth of precious experience in the ring when he stepped up to challenge Gary Russel Jr at the MGM in the champions home state of Maryland. So maybe getting a loss out of the way early was the best thing for the young Joseph Diaz and he too will go on to reach boxing superstardom.

Question is how will Diaz look this Saturday in his first fight back since taking his first loss as a pro, at the hands of Gary Russel jr. Will the hometown fighter follow in the footsteps of Broner and Kovalev? Or can he leverage the loss as experience to ascend to the heights of stablemate Canelo Alvarez, and greats like Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins? Only time will tell

(Luckily that time is only a 1 day away)

“JoJo” Diaz has all makings of a future champion that fans can get behind. At the time of his loss he simply wasn’t quite ready to dethrone the Champion Gary Russel jr just yet.

The most important take away of the night wasn’t seeing Diaz lose, it was in watching the young fighter from El Monte California step in the ring and go all twelve rounds against possibly the fastest hands in boxing while not only lasting the entirety of the fight but competing until the final bell rang. In the process gaining the respect of Russel and just about every fan watching that night. The conclusion was that Diaz would absolutely be back on the big stage and competing for a world title. On Saturday August 11th he gets the opportunity to challenge for the WBA featherweight title. The road back however won’t get easier as Diaz will compete against a man with the same 26-1 win loss record. He will be stepping in the ring with veteran Jesus Rojas (Unbeaten in the last ten years of his career) at the Avalon, In Hollywood California. This fight a homecoming for Diaz the southpaw will be looking for an impressive victory over Rojas who comes in with a 4 inch reach advantage and 2 extra fights that would end in draws. Rojas will be making the trip to Hollywood all the way from Puerto Rico to see that JoJo has his hands full on his quest for a world Featherweight title.


If you are lucky enough to find yourself in the Los Angeles area the weekend of the 11th do yourself a favor and come out to support these fighters. If not, don’t worry Supreme Boxing has you covered, We will be streaming all the action live and FREE! just follow our facebook page and make sure you have your notifications turned on so you don’t miss even a second of the action.




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